Hi! I’m Janeen, I’m a Writer, Adventurer, and Certified Digital Photographer.
I am from St. Elizabeth, Jamaica but for the last 20 years, I’ve made Kingston my home. I’ve always loved being behind a camera, way more than I enjoy being in front of it.
I remember using disposable Kodak and Fuji cameras which you had to take the film to the studio to develop. The fun part was clicking through that roll of 36 exposure film.
The not so fun part? Waiting weeks to get your pictures back only to have 10 pictures of your finger in the frame. Can you tell I’m a 90’s kid? Fun Times!
I graduated to the reusable camera, then several Point and Shoots which I still have by the way. Now, I’m testing the limits of my Canon T6i DSLR and I’m inviting you on the journey.
I’d love to know more about you. I want to help you to preserve your own memories and celebrate your special occasions.
Contact me here to find out how we can get started. Looking forward to bringing your vision to life!